Practical Workshop

We wish to advise  that the Aperfield Montessori Trust will run a Full Curriculum Practical Workshop scheduled  next in the 2014 the September School Holiday break at the end of Term 3.

The next practical workshop will be held at:
Wa Ora Montessori School
278 Waddington Drive
Lower Hutt
Wellington 5011

We welcome registrations for the full workshop from our Aperfield students and also full or part-time attendance from non-Aperfield teachers for the individual curriculum areas if space. The 2014 programme is not yet available. ProgrammeTimetable and Enrolment Form.

The practical workshop will cover the following curriculum areas:

Practical Life, Sensorial Activities, Language and Mathematics, Environmental Studies: (Geography, Biology, History and Science), Art & Craft, Music.

Please Note: Students are only required to attend the full 11 day workshop if they are intending to graduate with the Montessori diploma in a particular year. Students are welcome to attend for individual books as they can afford the time to fit with their studies. However at present the full practical workshop is offered on a 2 yearly cycle. For eligibility please refer to the workshop programme.

Our workshop is always very well supported by the Montessori Schools and we invite your attendance again. This is an excellent opportunity for “hands on” revision and further professional development for existing Montessori Teachers.

Students will need to make arrangements for travel and accommodation because the workshop occurs during a busy school holiday period (Wearable Arts and other conventions are on in the city at the same time).

Preparation for the Workshop:

It is suggested that students familiarise themselves with the age and prerequisites for presenting the materials / equipment to the children. This practical demonstration information is noted in the lesson plans for each of the curriculum areas within the four Montessori textbooks textbooks.

Enrolments close: TBA. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please email Mary Stephen at:

if you have any queries. Good luck with your studies in preparation for this workshop. NB (Priority is given to students enrolled in the Aperfield Montessori Diploma)