Library Books

The Trust has the following library books for tutors and students  (refer Additional Montessori Books if you wish to purchase your own copies) :


1. There is no fee for borrowing.
2. Borrowers are required to pay the postage back to the Library only.
3. Borrowers are required to pay for loss or damage of items.
4. Two items may be borrowed at a time.
5. The borrowing period is 4 weeks (depending on the whether the book has been reserved).
6. The Librarian is the Administrator, P O Box 38107, Parklands, Christchurch 8842, Ph:(03) 383- 9235,

Author Title Textbook
Braun Barnett, Elise Montessori and Music Book 4
Britton, Lesley Montessori Play and Learn.  Part 1 Book 1
Britton, Lesley Montessori Play and Learn.  Part 2 Book 3
Eissler, Trevor Montessori Madness (Sevenoff, LLC, 2009) Book 1
Hainstock, Elizabeth Teaching Montessori in the Home,  The Preschool Years Book 2
Hainstock, Elizabeth Essential Montessori – (suggest reference only) Post grad
Isaacs, Barbara Bring the Montessori Approach to your Early Years Practice Book 1
Jordan, Barbara &  Kendrick, Pani Challenges for Children, Nga Wero Mo Nga Tamariki;  Discovering Science Together Book 3
Lillard, Angeline Stoll Montessori, The Science Behind the Genius
(Oxford, 2007)
Book 1
Mansbridge, John Using the Environment a Learning Resource. 4. Sensory Walk Book 1
MANZ The Spirit of Montessori 100 years of Montessori Education (2008) History
MANZ  Reflecting on Community. Wellington. Compact Disc of Conference 2013 Book 1 – 4
Montessori, Maria The Absorbent Mind (Holt, 1995) Book 1 – 4
Montessori, Maria The Advanced Montessori Method (Clio, 1991) Extension
Montessori, Maria The Discovery of the Child  (Clio, 1988) Book 1 – 4
Montessori, Maria The Secret of Childhood (Ballantine, 1972) Book 1 – 4
Montessori, Maria To Educate the Human Potential (Clio 2007) Book 4
Montanaro, Silvana Understanding the Human Being (Nienhuis, 1991) Book 1
M.W.E.I The Montessori Method of Education -(Introductory) Book 1
Pendergrast, M Fun with Flax Book 4
Penrose, Pat Take another Look Tirohia Anō (2nd Ed 2009) Book 1
Podmore, VN ‘Observation’, Origins and Approaches to EC Research and Practice Book 1
Polk Lillard, Paula Montessori a Modern Approach Book 2
Polk Lillard, Paula Montessori Today Book 4
Polk Lillard, Paula &
Lynn Lillard Jessen
Montessori from the Start (Schocken 1st Ed 2003) Book 1
Seldin, Tim The World in the Palm of her Hand Book 3
Seldin, Tim How to Raise an Amazing Child (Dorling Kindersley, 2007) Book 1
Seldin, T & Epstein, P The Montessori Way – An Education for Life (The Montessori Foundation, 2006) Book 1
Shanker, S.  Calm, Alert, and Learning. Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation (Pearson 2013) Book 5
Stephenson, S.  Child of the World – Montessori, Global Education  (Olaf 2013). Book 1
Standing, EM Maria Montessori Her Life and Work (Penguin 1998) Book 1
Wolf, AD A Parents’ Guide to the Montessori Classroom Book 1
Emerson L & McPherson, J Writing Guidelines for Education Students
(Dunmore Press 1997)
Book 1 – 4