Directed Distance Learning Christchurch

About the Directed Distance Learning Courses -Christchurch
The Directed Distance Learning courses are offered in Christchurch whereby the students cover the practical component face to face as they study each curriculum area by distance. The courses meet every fortnight with an Aperfield tutor to refine their skills demonstrating the Montessori materials. Generally two Montessori courses are studied each year by the students enrolled in this method.
Course members are expected to maintain full attendance and to participate actively in all sessions.  If you miss a session it is your responsibility to contact the Tutor and catch up on any missed work. With the directed distance learning courses the practical component of the curriculum areas: Practical Life and Sensorial, Language, Maths, Environmental Studies, Art & Music are covered and tested as you go –hence the need for full attendance. Please note: both courses have either one or two Saturday sessions.

In 2014 the following courses are offered from two of the Montessori Early Childhood Centres:
Semester TWO
Directed Distance Learning Book 2
Start Date:      Tuesday 5th August 2014
Finish Date:    Saturday 8th November 2014
Time:               6.30 – 9pm
Place:              Nova Montessori Preschool
.                        53 Owles Terrace
.                        Christchurch 8061
Phone:            (03) 382-0503
The tutor is Shubha Narayan who is an experienced Montessorian, having experience as a Montessori head teacher and is co-principal of Nova Montessori Educational Community. Shubha will be ably assisted by Debbie Cocks another experienced Montessorian.
The course will be held every fortnight with approx 13 sessions which will cover the Practical demonstrations for: Language and Mathematics.
Directed Distance Learning Book 4
Start Date:      Tuesday 22 July 2014
Finish Date:   Saturday 1st November (written exam: Saturday 22 November)
Time:               6.30 – 8.30pm
Place:              Courtyard Montessori Preschool
.                        99A Somerfield Street
.                        Christchurch 8023
Phone:            (03) 339-8052

The tutor is Natalie Collins who is an experienced Montessorian who has delivered both Book 3  and 4 over the past few years for the Trust.
The course will be held every fortnight with approx 7 sessions which will cover  The arts, classroom diversity, management, peace. The course concludes on 22nd November with the students sitting the written examination.