Māori & Pasifika Scholarships

The Aperfield Montessori Trust has set up scholarships for both Māori and Pasifika educators to study the Aperfield Montessori Diploma in Early Childhood Education Level 5 on NZQA Kiwiquals Register

Long Term Goal: To provide opportunities for Māori and Pasifika educators to participate within the Montessori teaching method, which has respect for the child as the base of its sociocultural philosophy.

The scholarships are funding for the full diploma i.e. fees paid in full. Recipients must complete each course of study before being funded for the next one. There are 4 Montessori courses and 1 Early Childhood Education Ministerial Module course, a practical workshop, practical and written examination.


Entry criteria are as listed for the diploma:

  • 18 years and over.
  • Pass in Sixth Form Certificate English or minimum achievement of Level 5; NCEA Level 2 minimum “achieved”. -OR-
  • Pass in a piece of preliminary written work, as set by the Aperfield Trust, if you do not hold Year 12 English.
  • Applicants who have already completed a tertiary qualification, which is satisfactory to the Trust, have direct entry to the diploma.
  • The applicant works in a Montessori Preschool, either in paid or voluntary work.

How to Apply for the Māori & Pasifika Scholarship

  • Complete the Aperfield Montessori Diploma enrolment form in the prospectus.
  • Write a covering letter applying for the scholarship and include
    • A statement outlining why you wish to study the Montessori Method via the diploma
    • Possible outcomes when you complete the diploma i.e. what you intend to do once completed the qualification
  • Enclose a certified copy of your birth certificate or passport.
  • Enclose a certified copy of your highest academic qualification.
  • Enclose a certified copy of a document which proves your heritage as a Māori or Pasifika (a statement of Whakapapa, including date of birth, countersigned by a kaumatua)
  • Name and contact details of two referees.

Founder’s Scholarship

Goal: To provide opportunities for Early Childhood educators who would otherwise find it difficult financially to complete their training within the Montessori teaching method. The Trust is committed to equal opportunity practices and the scholarships will play a large part in allowing this to occur.
Please contact the Executive Officer for more information. Certain conditions apply i.e. it is preferable that the student has completed Book 1 of the Montessori diploma.

Please mail your completed application for all scholarships to:The Executive Officer

12 Hillcrest Place
Christchurch 8042
Ph/Fax: (03) 342-9998

Please Note: Applications are open to New Zealand citizens or NZ permanent residents only, and can be lodged during the Trust’s enrolment period 15 Oct -2 Dec for the next academic year and if places permit during the current academic year. Scholarships are awarded by the Trust and are dependent on the availability of funding.