The author of the Montessori component of the Aperfield Diploma, was Binda Goldsbrough (1912-2008).

Binda was a very experienced teacher who trained under Dr Maria Montessori. Her upbringing was very much a Montessori one, her parents being inspired by Dr Montessori’s book, 'The Montessori Method', which was published in English the year Bindi was born.

The family lived in Biggin Hill, Kent, in England - in what had been the Manor of Aperfield (hence the name of the Diploma). Binda and her two brothers practised Practical Life Activities in the house and garden, and explored the rural environment with their mother, who encouraged them to use all their senses.

Binda trained at the Studio House Montessori Training College, run by Claude Claremont at Hampstead, and at Dr Montessori’s International Course in 1931; gaining a Montessori Diploma for teaching children 1 1/2 to 12 years old, and later at St Gabriel’s Training College, London, obtaining a State Primary Certificate.

Binda taught in a variety of state and private schools for children age 0 to 12 years old, in England and New Zealand. She travelled widely (U.S.A., Canada, Holland, Australia) visiting schools, and was heavily involved in student training, including Assistant Demonstrator at two of Dr Montessori’s International Courses in London.

In 1975 Binda was awarded an MBE for services to New Zealand children with physical challenges.