The Trust has the following Library books and Readings for Tutors and Students to borrow. Note: this is not a comprehensive list of recommended Library Materials - it is a collection the Trust has bought or had donated, which may be useful.


  •     There is a $5.00 administration fee for each book borrowed
  •     Borrowers are required to pay the postage back to the Library
  •     Borrowers are required to pay for loss or damage of items
  •     Two items may be borrowed at a time
  •     The borrowing period is 4 weeks (depending on the whether the book has been reserve.

    The Librarian is Debbie Cocks Ph: (03) 942 3697 Email:


Author Title Useful For:
Braun Barnett, Elise Montessori and Music Book 4
Britton, Lesley Montessori Play and Learn. Part 1 Book 1
Britton, Lesley Montessori Play and Learn. Part 2 Book 3
Eissler, Trevor Montessori Madness (Sevenoff, LLC, 2009) Book 1
Emerson L,
& McPherson J
Writing Guidelines for Education Students (Dunmore Press 1997) x2 copies Book 1 - 4
Hainstock, Elizabeth Teaching Montessori in the Home, The Preschool Years Book 2
Hainstock, Elizabeth Essential Montessori  (REFERENCE ONLY) Post Grad
Isaacs, Barbara Bring the Montessori Approach to your Early Years Practice Book 1
Jordan, Barbara & Kendrick, Pani Challenges for Children, Nga Wero Mo Nga Tamariki; Discovering Science Together Book 3
Kramer, Rita Maria Montessori A Biography (Radcliffe 1988) Book 1
Lillard, Angeline Stoll Montessori, The Science Behind the Genius (Oxford, 2007)  
Mansbridge, John Using the Environment - a Learning Resource. 4. Sensory Walk Book 1
MANZ The Spirit of Montessori 100 years of Montessori Education (2008) History
MANZ Reflecting on Community. Wellington. Compact Disc of Conference (2013) Book 1 – 4
Montessori, Maria The Absorbent Mind (Adyar 1949) REFERENCE ONLY  
Montessori, Maria The Absorbent Mind (Holt, 1995) x4 copies Book 1 – 4
Montessori, Maria The Advanced Montessori Method - 1 (Clio, 1991) Extension
Montessori, Maria The Discovery of the Child (Clio, 1988) Book 1 – 4
Montessori, Maria The Discovery of the Child (Ballintine, 1972) x3 copies Book 1 - 4
Montessori, Maria The Secret of Childhood (Ballantine, 1972) x3 copies Book 1 – 4
Montessori, Maria To Educate the Human Potential (Clio, 2007) Book 3
Montanaro, Silvana Understanding the Human Being (Nienhuis, 1991) Book 1
M.W.E.I The Montessori Method of Education (Introductory booklet) x2 copies Book 1
Pendergrast, M Fun with Flax Book 4
Penrose, Pat Take another Look - Tirohia Ano (2nd Ed 2009) Book 1
Podmore, VN ‘Observation’, Origins and Approaches to EC Research and Practice Book 1
Polk Lillard, Paula Montessori a Modern Approach x3 copies Book 2
Polk Lillard, Paula Montessori Today x2 copies Book 4
Polk Lillard, Paula &
Lynn Lillard Jessen
Montessori from the Start (Schocken 1st Ed 2003) Book 1
Seldin, Tim The World in the Palm of her Hand Book 3
Seldin, Tim How to Raise an Amazing Child (Dorling Kindersley, 2007) Book 1
Seldin, T & Epstein, P The Montessori Way – An Education for Life (The Montessori Foundation, 2006) Book 1
Shanker, S. Calm, Alert, and Learning. Classroom Strategies for Self-Regulation (Pearson 2013) Book 5
Standing, EM Maria Montessori Her Life and Work (Penguin 1998) Book 1
Stephenson, S. Child of the World – Montessori, Global Education (Olaf 2013). Book 1
Wolf, AD A Parents’ Guide to the Montessori Classroom Book 1
Adcock, Muriel

Book 2 Reading: A Montessori Multicultural Environment with South East Asian Refugees.

Book 1
Hilson, Patricia Book 4 Reading: Laying the Foundations for Cosmic Education in the Child 3 – 6 years. Book 4
Montessori, Mario Book 2 Reading: Maria Montessori’s Contribution to the Cultivation of the Mathematical Mind. Book 2
Standing, E. M.

Book 1 Reading 4 on the sensitive periods (1962): Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work. New York: Mentor-Omega. Stages of Development. Chapter VI and VII.

Book 1