Book 1 - Introductory Book: Practical Life and Sensorial Activities
Book 2 - Core Curriculum: Language and Mathematics
Book 3 - Environmental Studies
Book 4 - The Arts, School, Classroom Diversity and Management
Book 5 - The Ministerial Module: Requirements and Expectations
Practical Workshops and Assessments for each of the first four Montessori Books, and an Oral Assessment

To be successful in the Aperfield Montessori Diploma, students should:

  • Complete the current Diploma by December 9th, 2019*
  • Use the Aperfield Text Books as references
  • Complete albums or materials as required, for each of the Books in the Diploma (Books 1 - 5)
  • Attend the Aperfield Practical Workshops
  • Pass Practical Assessments for each Book; offered during or at the end of a Workshop
  • Complete and pass the Book 5 module: 'Ministerial Requirements and Expectations'
  • Complete an Oral Assessment taken at the completion of study

NB: IF the tutor considers the work does not meet the required standard, the student shall be given the opportunity to re-submit the work.

*Existing students (including those who re-enrol) have until December 9th, 2019 to complete the Diploma; including all Assignments, Practical Workshops, the Ministerial Module, Practical and Oral Assessments.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently only taking RE-enrolments for the current Montessori Diploma.