Learning Outcomes of the Diploma

  • Discuss the life of Maria Montessori and how her philosophy contributed to early childhood learning, today.
  • Describe the stages of child development, as defined by Dr Montessori, with special emphasis on her theories on learning in the first stage (0 - 6 years).
  • Describe the role, tasks, and desired qualities of the teacher.
  • Describe the importance of the Montessori prepared environment, and be able to assist in setting up and maintaining such an environment, and the Montessori teaching materials.
  • Describe the Montessori Curriculum for early childhood education from 3 to 6 years, and demonstrate activities from all areas of the Curriculum.
  • Within the Module: Ministerial Requirements and Expectations, ‘Aspirations for the Child and the Teacher’ - teachers can explore and investigate to discover the coalescent value of:

                    (i) Present day scientific research suggestions
                    (ii) The Philosophy of Dr Maria Montessori
                    (iii) The Early Childhood Education Curriculum Framework expectations
                    (iv) The Ministerial Requirements and Expectations

Aims of the Diploma

  • To provide a quality Aperfield Montessori Diploma in Early Childhood Education.
  • To ensure Aperfield Montessori teacher training is consistent across New Zealand.
  • To provide teachers with an opportunity to connect the Montessori philosophy with the ECE Ministerial requirements, and current neuroscience research.
  • To ensure New Zealand’s bicultural heritage is explicit throughout Aperfield Montessori training.