This Level 5 Diploma requires students to have a good standard of English language and commitment to study. Students who are New Zealand and Australian Citizens, and Permanent Residents who have the pre-requisites stated below, are eligible to enrol.

Please Note: We are currently only taking RE-enrolments for the current Montessori Diploma. 


  • 18 years and over.
  • NCEA Level 2 English  minimum requirement 'Achieved'. If you do not hold Level 2 English, you will need to pass in a piece of *preliminary work, as set by the Aperfield Montessori Trust. (Contact our Administrator/Coordinator for requirements.)
  • Non-registered (Education Council) Students must undergo the NZ Police vetting procedure. (Contact our Administrator/Coordinator for appropriate forms.)
  • If a student does not pass the NZ Police vetting procedure under the Trust’s policies, the student is ineligible to study - the enrolment fee will be returned less 10% (administration costs).
  • TWO references with contact details.
  • A letter outlining why you wish to study the Montessori Method through Aperfield Montessori. You will be required to talk about the philosophy, and possible outcomes when you have completed the Diploma i.e. what you intend to do once you have completed the qualification.

NB: IF the tutor considers the preliminary work does not meet the required standard, the student will be given the opportunity to resubmit the work. 

The student must:

  • Be in paid or voluntary employment in a Montessori preschool *
  • Attend Practical Workshops for each Book

Applicants who have already completed a tertiary qualification which is satisfactory to the Trust, may have direct entry to the Diploma if they meet other criteria.

*The Trust reserves the right to waive this requirement if vacancies exist on the Diploma course(s) and special conditions are met. 


RE-ENROLMENT: for Books 2, 3, 4 and 5

Re-enrolment in subsequent courses depends on successful course completion of the previous Book, within the timeframe. Re-enrolment is open now for Book Two, Three and Four.

Re-enrolment for Book Five: the Ministerial Module 'Aspirations for the Child and Teacher', opens in October 2016.

Please re-enrol by:

  • Completing the Re-enrolment form
  • Signing the Identity Declaration
  • Indicating which Book you intend to enrol in