The Aperfield Montessori Trust is offering Workshops in Christchurch, to cover the Full Curriculum Practical Workshops in 2019.

These will be the last practical workshops held for the Aperfield Montessori Diploma, as the qualification will be taken down from the NZQA framework, 1st February 2020.

Our Practical Workshops provide excellent opportunities for students to learn more about the Montessori Methods in a range of curriculum areas, and for 'hands-on' revision and further professional development, for existing Montessori Teachers.

Workshops cover the following curriculum areas:

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial Activities
  • Language & Mathematics
  • Environmental Studies
    (Geography, Biology, History, Science)
  • Art & Craft
  • Music


Book one - four: North Island Practical Workshop

 Monday 14th - Friday 18th January 2019. Capital Montessori, 14 Camrose Grove, Kingston, Wellington.

Books three & four: North Island Practical Workshop

 Friday 12th - Saturday 13th July 2019. Capital Montessori, 14 Camrose Grove, Kingston, Wellington

Books 1-4 : South Island Practical Workshop

 Monday 15th - Friday 19th July 2019. Airdmhor Montessori, 74 Halswell Road, Christchurch

Cost for Workshops
$75.00 per day
Workshop Hours 8.30am - 5.00pm approx.
Accommodation & Transport Please see WOTIF or Need It Now websites for accommodation. Many students choose to stay in the central city and bus to venues. Travel, accommodation, transport and meals are the responsibility of each student.

Please Note
Students are required to attend three curriculum Workshops if they intend to graduate with the Montessori Diploma. Students are welcome to attend for individual Books, when they can afford the time to fit with their studies. Students will be notified of Workshop details at least four weeks prior to the Workshop.


To attend the practical workshop, the student is required to have completed book one. The practical workshops will be held subject to enrolment numbers.

Preparation for Workshops
Students should familiarise themselves with the age and prerequisites for presenting the materials/equipment to children. This practical demonstration information is noted in the lesson plans for each of the curriculum areas, within the four Montessori Text Books.

Please email our Administrator/Coordinator Debbie Cocks, if you have any queries:

Enrolment Books 1 2 3 4 North Island 2019


Enrolment Books 1 2 3 4 South Island 2019